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Driven by innovation and cutting-edge engineering, we have been delivering ground-breaking golf analysis and simulation solutions to our clients – across the UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa – for over 20 years.

The Most Trusted Golf Launch Monitors In The Industry

Pioneers of optical ball flight analysis, Foresight Sports has changed the game with its award-winning line of GC launch monitors. Indoors or outdoors, from the PGA Tour to the home simulation studio, no other technology delivers the accuracy and reliability of our GC launch monitors. 

The Most True-To-Life Golf Simulation Experience

Whether it’s a basic installation in your garage or a complete custom-designed virtual golf studio, our Home Golf Simulators are powered by our core GC launch monitor technology. 

Take your game to the next level

Spread the cost of Your Technology

Owning the industry’s best golf technology is now even more affordable.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Upgrade your existing launch monitor, including non-Foresight devices to the industry standard.