PuttView X

The future of putting practice has arrived. Meet PuttView X, the world’s first true Augmented Reality sports application!

The best of both worlds

PuttView have taken the best of PuttView Indoor and transformed it into an intuitive application that takes away any guessing on the golf course. Experience an unprecedented learning environment on real greens with this latest technology.

How does it work?

All valuable putt information is displayed as an overlay onto the green using Microsoft’s HoloLens Augmented Reality technology. Understand the green contours, visualise your intended putt and get feedback in real-time. Start improving your putting intuitively, anywhere.

Your personal assistant

The Companion App is your personal assistant. The app will let you control and adjust all settings of PuttView X through your smartphone. Through screen casting, you can also see everything that the user sees on the green. Making it the perfect companion for your next generation putting lesson. 

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PuttView X

• PuttView X Software
• Microsoft HoloLens 2
• Wifi Router
• Smartphone App
• Flight-case & Accessories
• First year of PuttView X Subscription

£12,995 EX VAT | €14,995 EX VAT

Spread the cost with flexible monthly payments. Finance and leasing options available. 

Be part of the future

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Prices displayed above do not include VAT, shipping or duties. The first year of PuttView X subscription is included.

Frequently asked questions

We have collected most of the questions we have been asked here for you. If you still have questions, please use the contact form. 

The USGA and R&A may have a local rule in place for the Tours prohibiting the use of PuttView X. However, this should not impact amateur play, and therefore it should be possible for amateurs.

PuttView X comes with a smartphone app that enables screen casting and controlling the HoloLens for coaching scenarios.

PuttView X is designed to work on any green in the world, ie. it does not matter which course you are playing. PuttView X will scan the green and you can play instantaneously.

You simply have to look at the green for PuttView X to instantaneously scan it. For longer putts, you only need to walk the distance from the hole to your ball.

Yes, you can customize PuttView X for any green speed. The green speed can be changed both through the HoloLens and the App.

The maximum distance for a putt is up to 33 feet (approximately 10 meters).

The battery lasts up to 2 hours and takes approximately 1 hour to charge.

The unit is lightweight and easy to carry, weighing only 1,247 Pounds (566g).

Microsoft is still fully committed to the HoloLens program, and nothing in the changes made by Microsoft affects our plans for the launch of PuttView X in June 2023. For more information about Microsoft’s commitment to HoloLens 2 and mixed reality, please refer to the recent blog post here: Microsoft committed to HoloLens 2 and Mixed Reality.
HoloLens 3 is coming, but it has to be a ‘meaningful update,’ says Microsoft

At this time, it is not possible to install the App on an existing HoloLens 2, but there may be an upgrade package available in the future.

We give a warranty that the product is free from defect at delivery. The warranty period for PuttView X and the equipment as of delivery is 12 month for businesses or 24 month for consumers. In case of a defect of PuttView X at delivery we will eliminate such defect or deliver a new PuttView X product / replacement pa

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