The game has changed

Meet ForeCaddy – our cutting-edge smart club cart. Designed from the ground up to give you all the luxury and performance you’ve come to expect from Foresight Sports.

Take it for a spin

Packed with brains and brawn, the ForeCaddy turns any golf outing into a walk in the park. 

2 high power electric motors.

2+ rounds on a single charge.

4 modes of operation.

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4 modes of operation

You might be wondering how we packed 4 different operation modes into one cart. But it’s true. Ours comes with Manual, Power Assist, Remote Control, and Follow as standard. 

The technology for the times

From the unexpected reality of social distancing to finally admitting that we need more feet-on-the-ground exercise, the game of golf as we know it has changed. But thanks to ForeCaddy, the ‘new normal’ of golf can be even more enjoyable than before.

Set the pace

Don’t let your golf bag keep you from your game.
ForeCaddy lets you enjoy a round with ease and style.

Goes anywhere

With ForeCaddy’s collapsible design, two presses of a button and you’re ready to go or store.

Goes forever

Thanks to advanced battery tech, you’re good-to-go for 2+ rounds on a single charge.

Takes it all

From cup holder, to umbrella holder, phone charger, and more. You can trick out your ForeCaddy however you wish.

What next?

We have Technology Experts on hand ready to help.