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Golf Digest Top 50 and Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Coach, Martin Chuck joined Diane Knox and Liam Mucklow for the fifth Foresight IQ Webinar.

Martin has been working in and teaching golf through-out his 30-year career. Coaching all golfers, from single figure handicaps right through to beginners. He now runs regular golf schools over the course of the year, mainly working with golfers of around a 10-20 handicap.

Alongside his teaching he is also the Founder of the Tour Striker Golf Academy and a variety of industry renowned training aids. Through the webinar he talks about the invention of the original Tour Striker training club, the reasons behind his training aids and the problems they are designed to solve.

In answering questions from the audience Martin shares his incredible depth of knowledge across a huge number of different areas within the golf swing and provides crucial insight to help every golfer improve their game.

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