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HUKD Golf, Bury

HUKD was inspired by a passion for golf and a vision to redefine the indoor golfing experience. The goal is to offer a safe space to practice and experience social golf with friends and family all year round.       

The facility utilises 11x GCHawk launch monitors, alongside 1x GCQuad to provide customers access to golf simulators powered by the most accurate and trusted launch monitor technology in the industry.

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HUKD Golf, Bury, England

At a Glance

We recently spoke with the founders of HUKD to find out more about their remarkable journey. They explained their motivations for establishing their golf facility, the rationale behind selecting Foresight Sports technology, and the significant influence it has had on both novice and experienced players.

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GCHawk Powered Multi Bay Golf Simulators

When selecting technology for your venue, what factors led you to choose Foresight Sports over other options in the market?

Foresight Sports’ reputation for accuracy and reliability was unmatched. We needed a system that could provide precise data for both beginners and experienced players, and Foresight’s launch monitors delivered consistently.

We wanted our guests to feel comfortable using the technology, and having used Foresight technology in the past, we were confident that it was the right choice for our facility. 

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GCHawk Powered Foresight Sports Europe Simulator

Can you share specific instances where Foresight Sports technology has contributed to beginners taking up golf or experienced players enhancing their skills at HUKD?

Foresight Sports technology has been instrumental in welcoming beginners to HUKD. Many newcomers have found the detailed feedback provided by the launch monitors invaluable in understanding their swings and improving their technique.

For experienced players, the precise feedback from Foresight launch monitors has served as a tool for fine-tuning their skills by having access to detailed ball flight and clubhead data analysis.

How has the use of ceiling-mounted launch monitors differentiated your facility’s offering compared to those using ground-based launch monitors?

Having ceiling-mounted launch monitors in our simulators was an absolute must. It has enormous benefits in ease-of-use, optimising group play and creating an environment free of obstacles, and equally, it drastically reduces the risk of damaged equipment.

What feedback have you received from customers about their experiences at HUKD, particularly concerning the accuracy and reliability of data from the Foresight Sports launch monitors?

Customers have consistently praised the accuracy and reliability of the data generated by the Foresight Sports launch monitors at HUKD. Many have mentioned how the precise feedback has helped them identify areas for improvement in their game, leading to noticeable advancements in their performance. Equally, the reliability of the technology has ensured seamless gameplay experiences, allowing guests to focus on enjoying their time at the facility without any interruptions or technical issues.

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Mini Golf at HUKD Golf

Based on your experience, what advice would you offer to individuals or businesses considering a similar venture with golf simulators? 

Investing in reliable and accurate launch monitors laid the foundation for our success at HUKD. For any indoor golf facility, the data and the feedback that the customers receive needs to be flawless every time.

Alongside this, we found that creating an inclusive environment that caters to players of all skill levels and demographics has helped maintain a steady stream of customers.

How do you envision the future of HUKD, and what role do you see Foresight Sports technology playing in the ongoing success of your facility? 

Looking ahead, we envision HUKD becoming a premier destination for golfers of all levels. Our recent addition of a crazy golf area on the venue’s second floor has drawn in a wave of amateur golfers who typically have not experienced indoor golf before, and the response has been incredibly positive.

Foresight Sports technology will continue as the backbone of our operations. With 12 simulators equipped with Foresight Sports launch monitors, we’ll be able to provide players with unparalleled accuracy and insights into their game, encouraging improvement and importantly, enjoyment! 


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