Foresight Life

Mark Crossfield


Mark Crossfield is a PGA Professional with over 20 years of coaching experience. He is well known online as one of the pioneers in online video content within the golf industry, having started his YouTube channel back in 2007. Since then he has racked up well over 230 million views and over 340,000 subscribers. 

In addition to YouTube, Mark also has a substantial following across all social media platforms providing viewers with comprehensive and unbiased, reviews, coaching tips and on-course vlogs. 

Mark has always worked with Foresight Sports launch monitors since originally investing in his GC2, shortly after its release in 2010. He then added the HMT and found the club-data transformed his fitting and coaching by allowing him to see strike location. 

He chose to trust Foresight Sports once again when he upgraded to the GCQuad and FSX Software in his fully installed golf simulator from Foresight. 


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