New Foresight Fairgrounds games

Roll up, Roll up! Foresight Fairgrounds software has two new games guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Ok, maybe not guaranteed but you’d have to be having a really bad day to not want to give these a go!

Darts gives the player the option of hitting shots from 50, 100 or 150 yards into a giant dartboard with the aim of scoring the most points over ten shots. With a floating hot air balloon as a target for bonus points, the game is already hitting the bullseye!

We’ve always said STRIKE matters and the new Bowling game is right up our alley! Putt the ball to knock as many pins over as you can and see if you can make a ‘bowl in one’!

Free to all FSX 2020 users, Foresight Fairgrounds delivers hours of entertainment for golfers of all abilities, whilst offering non-golfers the chance to participate. As well as the new Darts and Bowling games it includes Shooting GalleryBalloon PopSplash Wall; and Putt Skee in a digitally-enhanced virtual fairground environment.

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