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Shed conversion Performance Simulator

This customer reached out to us having already spent time researching golf launch monitors and using golf simulator technology. From this, our customer knew that the way Foresight technology measures the golf ball provides the best simulator experience available. 

The difficulty they had was finding the right space in their home and choosing the best golf simulator solution for that space. Thankfully, the Foresight Sports Europe team has experience of designing and constructing simulators in almost any conceivable space and environment – we were more than happy to accept the challenge! 

The first stage of the process, following an initial conversation with one of our Technology Specialists, was to arrange a site visit. Our team met with the customer’s builder to explore options and discuss room requirements. 

From that meeting it was decided the best option was an existing shed space that just needed some renovations to make it suitable. It also meant both the builder and the customer could have absolute confidence they were making the correct decisions when converting the shed.

“Having the team at Foresight in communication with my builder from the outset was a huge asset. They were able to provide advice right down to the finest detail that we would never have considered ourselves. The whole process flowed smoothly because of it.”

The second stage, after the site visit and choice of simulator location, was for the customer to visit the Foresight Sports Europe demonstration facility. The visit meant they could see and experience our range of simulators and, with the help of a Technology Specialist, decide which simulator and launch monitor fitted best with their intended usage and budget.

The customer felt that our Sim-In-A-Box Performance Simulator with the GC2 launch monitor was the ideal combination. The dimensions of the shed meant that the Performance Simulator needed to be custom-designed to fit the space. The customer also opted to include installation from our expert team to ensure that everything would fit perfectly. 

“Being able to visit the demo facility and test all the technology myself, with my golf clubs, was really crucial for me. Combining that with physically seeing the different simulator options and discussing my specific room requirements with the design and installation team, made choosing the right option incredibly easy.”

During the shed conversion, our installation team was in regular communication with the customer, builder and electrician so that everyone could be sure the final product would be correct. 

Once on site – thanks to the regular communication – our installation team found the ideal space to construct the Performance Simulator, including the turf having been cut to fit the space perfectly. 

The result is an incredible golf simulator space, purpose-built for the customer’s Sim-In-A-Box Performance Simulator. 

“I could not be happier with the end result, it has far exceeded my expectations. The installation team on site were superb and ensured every detail was spot-on. I can’t recommend the Foresight Sports technology, and their team, highly enough.”


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