8 Ways A Launch Monitor Can Help Your Game

The use of technology throughout golf is growing rapidly, from GPS devices to full 3D analysis of the golf swing. Alongside this increase in the use of technology is the necessity to understand more exact details about how the golf club is delivered and how that causes the ball the fly, in order to practice smarter and play better. In the article and videos below Joel Tadman, of Golf Monthly, discusses some of the different ways that a launch monitor can be used and how it can benefit a player’s game.

1. Learn How Far You Hit Your Clubs

The majority of golfers overestimate how far they hit the ball with each club, which is a crucial mistake as most hazards on approach shots are positioned short of the green. Only by hitting shots on a launch monitor can you find out for sure how far you hit each club in relation to carry and total distance.

Our tip is to hit a variety of shots on a Foresight Sports launch monitor with each club in your bag, using the make and model of ball you use on the course, and make a note of the average distance. This will allow you to call upon the correct club for the shot in hand with confidence.

2. Changing Your Swing Based on Facts

A lot of golfers think they have an idea on what the club is doing through impact based upon what the ball is doing in terms of flight, shape and so on; but this can be hugely mis-leading based on a wide variety of potential factors causing ball flight. Using a Foresight Sports launch monitor gives the real picture of exactly what is happening through the impact interval and provides immediate feedback on what the club did and what that caused the ball to do.

3. Know How You’re Hitting it on the Day

A common trap golfers fall into is not taking into account outdoor conditions when at the range. Crosswinds, for example, can cause shots to draw or fade instead of what the golfer causes the ball to do during impact. That can then lead to the golfer making improper adjustments to their swing, or to think they’re achieving a shot shape that they aren’t, and then not be able to replicate that performance on the course. The Foresight Sports launch monitor’s use ultra-high-speed cameras to measure the golf ball and so provide closed data, which is not affected by downrange conditions. Therefore the Foresight Sports launch monitor, once calibrated to aim at a specific target, would give you a clearer picture on how you’re actually hitting the ball on the day, which you can then take to the course with confidence.

4. Short Game Experimentation

Quite often the best way to practice is by hitting short-game shots with a trial and error mindset. A launch monitor can help here by giving you feedback on those shots immediately and can give you an idea on what type of shot or a change in your technique was working, and what wasn’t.

5. Distance Gapping with Your Wedges

Making sure you have even gaps between all your clubs is important, especially your wedges as they are the scoring clubs. A launch monitor helps here and can also be vitally important in allowing you to know how far the ball travels on those half-swing or three-quarter-swing shots. Mastering those awkward distances can lead to better scores and a launch monitor provides all the important feedback.

6. Putting Analysis

A launch monitor isn’t just for your long game. A model like the Foresight Sports GCQuad can also provide a performance analysis of your putting. Two key areas are launch angle and how well the ball is rolling (otherwise known as skid or distance to roll). These could be particularly helpful in terms of getting fitted for a putter or if you are trying to see if your putter is performing as it should be.

7. Practice Anywhere, Anytime

As we come into the winter months the thought of dragging ourselves down to the range to hit balls gets harder and harder. But a launch monitor, and access to an indoor set up, allows you to practice in comfort – all you really need is a mat, a net and a compatible device like a laptop or a tablet. When you can’t hit balls outside, a launch monitor allows you to keep practicing, giving you that competitive edge for those winter competitions.

8. Have Some Fun!

Golf is supposed to be fun at the end of the day and sometimes practice doesn’t have to be about constantly hitting balls and the process of improving. A launch monitor like the Foresight Sports GCQuad has a software package with numerous fairground games from darts to tenpin bowling!

Not only are these games fun for all genders, ages and abilities, they also help introduce more non-golfers into the sport. You can also play some of the world’s best courses, like Pebble Beach or the West course at Wentworth, on a simulator.


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