Foresight IQ – Dr. Sasho Mackenzie

Dr. Sasho MacKenzie was the guest for the sixth Foresight IQ hosted by Liam Mucklow and Diane Knox.

Dr. Mackenzie is one of the leading researchers in the golf industry, providing some revolutionary findings to golfers and manufacturers. Having completed a PhD in Sports Biomechanics at the University of Saskatchewan, which focused on 3D forward dynamics simulation of sport skills, he is currently a Professor of Biomechanics at St. Francis Xavier University.

Dr. MacKenzie’s interests lie in the optimisation of human movement with a strong emphasis on sport performance. His research encompasses optimal sport movement patterns, tuning equipment to the athlete as well as the most advantageous training techniques.

The initial conversation focussed around a topic that is often misunderstood – closure rate. Sasho provides some in-depth insight into his findings with closure rate and what impact it has on a golfer’s ability to deliver a consistent face angle.

Questions from the audience allowed Sasho to showcase knowledge across all the key biomechanical factors in the golf swing and provide some advice on how every golfer can better use their body during the swing.

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