Special Guests Layne Savoie and Dr. Rob Neal

For the first time, the Foresight IQ webinars had a two-part series. Special guests Layne Savoie and Dr. Rob Neal partnered up to present ‘The Art and Science of  Wedge Play’, a break-down of their Wedge Craft program, the industry’s leading source for wedge technical information, and share insights into their research on both distance wedges and finesse wedges!

Wedge Craft is a wedge play data collective created by Layne and Dr. Neal that is committed to developing a comprehensive model for learning the wedge play art form through coaching and science-based methods.

Part one of the series was with Layne Savoie. A New Orleans native, Layne has been a playing professional, teacher, NCAA coach, and PGA professional. With a love for competitive golf and player development, he has been mentored by the some of the best teachers in the game including Chuck Cook, Ben Doyle, David Leadbetter, Mac O’Grady, and Mark Blackburn throughout the years.

During the webinar Layne presents findings within the ‘art’ aspects of Wedge Craft and leaves the ‘Science’ to Dr Neal. He speaks in detail about the art of hitting wedges from inside 50 yards and the number of variations/options a player has in getting the ball close to the hole.

Part two of the series was over to Dr. Rob Neal. Dr. Neal began his career as a physical education teacher in Sydney in 1980. He moved to Brisbane in 1982 to study for his Master’s degree (Biomechanics) at the University of Queensland. It was at this time Rob’s passion for golf really ignited. So much so that it determined his thesis topic, 3D kinematics and kinetics of the golf swing and in 1984, Rob was granted a Commonwealth Scholarship to complete his PhD in Biomechanics. Since leaving the academic life, Rob has been running Golf BioDynamics, a company formed to provide expert 3D golf swing analysis to the golf coach/golfer.

Through the webinar, Dr. Neal talks through the ‘science’ elements of Wedge Craft. These are wedge shots from 50 yards, up to the total distance of the golfers pitching wedge. He presents findings on their key components for successful distance wedges; friction, dynamic loft, attack angle and stopping power.

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