Client Focus – Tyrrells Wood Golf Club, Surrey, UK

Just before Christmas I had a Foresight golf simulator, powered by GC2, installed in my pro shop at Tyrrells Wood which is used mainly for custom fitting and coaching. 

Even in a short time, it has made a substantial difference to my business. It creates a fantastic first impression when you walk into the pro shop. I’ve seen a significant increase in the amount of club fitting and coaching given, which is reflected in the turnover and, more importantly, the profit. 

I have had an overwhelmingly positive response from my members who have used the GC2 and simulator – they have all been very impressed with its capabilities. We are faced with many competitors in this industry and we are continuously working to offer the very best honest, impartial advice to our customers. 

The GC2 and simulator is an integral part of this. 

“… it has made a substantial difference to my business.”

Before I chose this simulator I did a lot of research. There were a few key reasons why I chose the Foresight simulator. 

We have limited space in the shop so I wanted something that created a positive impact but didn’t overpower the shop. Portability was very important to me; I wanted to be able to link the software to my laptop and go out on to the golf course and use the GC2 with the client as well as work indoors. This system offers me exactly that. 

Golfers can be a little sceptical seeing a simulated ball flight, so to actually be able go onto the course hitting shots using the system and seeing the same ball flight using the software goes a long way to reassure our customers of the credibility of the system. 

The accuracy of the data is excellent – you can stand there and try to slice one just to catch the system out, but it picks it up every time and performs superbly. 

 “The Foresight Simulator ticked all the boxes for me.I would definitely recommend them to all PGA Professionals.”

The software is very simple to use and is presented in a clear and precise way. The price obviously comes into it and it’s great value when compared to its competitors. The Foresight simulator ticked all the boxes for me.

Foresight Sports, who supplied the GC2 and simulator, made the whole process very straightforward and hassle free. They installed the complete simulator to an extremely high standard and they offer excellent after-sales support. I’m very happy with the finished product and would definitely recommend them to all PGA professionals. 

If you want to make your business stand out then I believe the Foresight Simulator, powered by GC2, can definitely help you achieve this.

Rob Humphrey has been a golf professional for 20 years. He’s spent the last four years as head professional at Tyrrells Wood Golf Club, in Surrey.


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