Build your dream golf simulator.

Are you dreaming of your own incredible indoor golf environment? Our golf Simulator Builder is the place to start.

A true-to-life experience.

You can plan the upgrade of an existing golf simulator, or turn an unused space into a fitting or gaming studio. Whatever your needs, a Foresight Sports true-to-life golf simulator package is the answer!

Powered by our GC launch monitor technology, every sim we install is designed to perfectly fit your space and budget requirements. And when the time comes, you can easily upgrade individual components – from software to hardware – without missing a moment of operation.

The simulator builder.

Our simulator builder will explain the basic space and components. Your tailored list of components will develop as you progress through the builder. When you’ve completed all the sections, we’ll send you a PDF with your saved information. 

Planned use.

Tell us how and where you intend to use your simulator. Are you looking to play golf at home, or do you want a sim to enhance your business and improve revenue? We create simulators for golf clubs, teaching academies, indoor golf centres and club-fitting workshops. We’ve also built sims for indoor golf in corporate and entertainment environments.


Tell us about the size and space details in your planned simulator area. If you have room to safely swing a golf club, we can create a solution that will work for you. If you need a hand assessing the space for your simulator, just ask one of our technology experts for help.


Tell us which components you’d like in your simulator. Select your golf launch monitor, computer, simulator screen, hitting mat and projector. You can also select the golf courses you’d like included with your Foresight Sports FSX 2020 golf simulator software.


Tell us what type of simulator you’d like. We offer the best components for any indoor golf environment. Our permanent structures range from hard-panel walls with carpeting and ceiling protection to retractable simulator screens and side curtains. Many also consider our Sim-In-A-Box range of self-build golf simulator solutions; with the Net Series and Performance Simulator we have the perfect solution for every space and application.

Additional technology.

Tell us if you’d like to enhance your golf simulator with other technology. You could add a home cinema audio and visual package for the perfect home entertainment system. You could even integrate video analysis and pressure mapping technology.  

Nothing comes close to Foresight.

Unmatched design and installation. 

Our design and installation team has nearly two decades of experience in building the highest quality golf simulator solutions. They strive to perfect every aspect of simulator design and installation to ensure that your playing experience is the best it can be.

The most accurate.

The Foresight Sports GC-range of golf launch monitors has been independently tested and is proven to be the most accurate analysis system in golf. Our ultra-high-speed cameras image the exact movements of the golf ball and club-head, directly measuring data to the highest tolerances without making assumptions.

True-to-life simulation. 

By using our industry-leading GC-range of launch monitors we can guarantee the most true-to-life simulation experience available today. Only Foresight Sports systems can reliably and consistently recreate the exact golf ball flight you would see outside, making your indoor golf simulator the perfect space for play and practice.

Comprehensive software. 

Foresight Sport’s FSX golf simulation software has been developed by our engineers to work seamlessly with our GC launch monitors. This integration means that the ball flight data appears instantly as soon as the player strikes the golf ball. That data and simulation experience can be used with over 130 world-renowned golf courses and a host of skill-building games and challenges, all in up to 4K resolution.

Ready to build your dream golf simulator? 

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