Net Series

Our entry-level Net Series is our most affordable and flexible indoor / outdoor golf technology solution ever.

1. Environment

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2. Components

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3. Computer

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    With laptop & stand

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    Without laptop & stand

Net Series

Build Summary.

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    Let’s make sure there’s enough space for your Net Series simulator.

    The SPDR Net is 10ft wide and 7ft tall. For safety, you need to be able to safely swing a golf club in the room or area you intend to use the simulator. 

    To be extra sure your chosen area is big enough, take a driver (or the longest club you intend to use) and mimic your swing in slow motion to see if the club head is close to any fixed obstacle, such as a wall or the ceiling.

     If you’re not sure you have the recommended dimensions, don’t worry, as we have a host of solutions for smaller or awkward spaces. Please continue to submit your configuration and our Technology Experts will be able to provide advice and solutions tailored to your exact space

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