Build Your Simulator

Setting Up Your Environment

Our Performance Simulation solutions are designed with your personal specifications in mind. With our easy online app, you'll learn the basic space requirements and components needed to start designing your own Performance Simulation solution. Along the way, we’ll help you build your personal wish list of components to make the process of realising your dream golf simulator even faster and easier.

1. Planned Use

2. Environment

Let’s make sure there’s enough space for your Performance Simulator. For safety, you need to be able to safely swing a golf club in the room or area you intend to house the simulator. Here’s our recommended safety dimensions:

  • Safe swing zone = 4 metre diameter with the player in the centre
  • Ceiling height = 3.05 metres
  • Player’s distance from the hitting screen = 3.6 metres
  • If you’re not sure you have the recommended dimensions, don’t worry, as we have a host of solutions for smaller or awkward spaces. Please continue to complete the Simulator Configurator and we will be able to provide advice and solutions tailored to your exact space.

Tip: To be extra sure your chosen area is big enough, take a driver (your longest club) and mimic your swing in slow motion. Have someone watch as you swing to see if the club head comes within striking distance of any fixed obstacle, such as a wall or the ceiling.

Please tell us a little about the location and construction of the room/area you're planning to use for your Performance Simulator.

Please tell us a little about the features of the room/area you're planning to use for your simulator.

3. Components

Now for the fun part! All of our Performance Simulation solutions come with these core components: Launch Monitor, Computer, Hitting Screen, Projector and Simulation Software. Let's review them and see which options are the best for you.

Every one of our Performance Simulators is powered by our core GC launch monitor technology. Which means, unlike other golf simulators, you aren't limited by exact room dimensions and large costs.

Our most advanced mobile launch monitor, the GCQuad delivers complete ball and club performance data with unprecedented accuracy and reliability. Perfect for your Performance Simulator, or a day at the golf range.

All our computers are optimised for maximum performance with our FSX gaming software, and are pre-built to ensure no unnecessary software or bloatware. All our computers come with a 3-year warranty.

Recommended for projection-based simulation, our powerful desktop solution has been custom configured to handle the demands of high-resolution or multi-projection display output.

Our hitting screens are bespoke designed and handmade to deliver the maximum image brightness and long-term durability for years of practice and gaming fun.

Tensioned Screen System
Our bespoke built tensioned screens are custom fabricated from a series of lightweight materials for optimal image clarity, brightness, and ball-impact durability, all without a wrinkle in sight.

We've selected only the industry’s most advanced, durable, and image-rich projectors for our Performance Simulator solutions.

Standard Projector with non-interchangeable lens
FSX 2020
Experience the most realistic golf simulation ever with FSX 2020. Play the world's best and most exclusive courses, practice your skills on the range, or even compete in skill-building competitions with players around the world — all in beautiful 4K resolution.

Take your experience further by adding to your library of world-famous courses. From iconic Open venues to lesser known gems, our ever-growing range of venues ensure you'll always be wanting to play more!

4. Simulator Structures and Options

Our Performance Simulators include an endless number of custom options to ensure you get the exact function, safety and finished look you desire. Our installation team will walk you through each option and outline the advantages and cost of each. In the meantime, here are some you can consider:

5. Additional Technology

Looking to go even further with your Performance Simulator? Private and business users often enhance their technology with a number of hardware and software add-ons. By ticking the boxes below you're not committing to anything, but it will allow us to be able to discuss your plans (short- or long-term) when we next talk:

6. Review

Congratulations - you've taken the first steps toward designing your own Performance Simulator! Below is a summary of the simulation components you’ve selected, along with the details of the space you’re considering. Please take a moment to review. To change a selection, simply click the ‘edit’ link next to that component.

  • Planned Use
      • Before we get into the specifics of your simulator, can you tell us a little about how you plan to use the technology? Please select from the options below that best describe your planned use of the simulator.
        • I'm looking for a simulator for personal use, and with family and friends
      • Please select from below the option that best describes how the simulator will be used once installed.
        • Private Home Entertainment
      • Do you currently have a golf simulator?
        • No
  • Environment
    • Getting Started
      • Please select from below the option that best describes the environment into which you're planning to locate your simulator.
        • I'm planning to use a room/area in an existing building
    • Space
      • Please select from below the option that best describes your available space.
        • I have enough space for a Performance Simulator!
    • Structural Details
      • Location:
        • Basement
      • Wall construction:
        • Brick
      • Floor type:
        • Carpet
      • Ceiling type:
        • Plasterboard over joists
    • Architectural Details
      • Ceilings:
        • Flat
      • Select any of the following that are near or within the room/area where you would like your simulator installed:
        • None Selected
  • Components
    • Launch Monitor
      • GCQuad
    • Computer:
      • Desktop
    • Hitting Screen:
      • Flat
    • Projector:
      • Standard Projector
    • Software
      • FSX 2020
    • Please review the course options below to give a sense of how many you might wish to kick off with.
      • I'm happy to start with the standard 5 courses that come with FSX
  • Simulator Structures and Options
    • Simulator Structure:
      • Full size hard-sided structure with side/ceiling protection baffles and carpeting
    • Hitting Mat
      • None
    • Computer Cabinet:
      • None
  • Additional Technology
    • Audio-Visual/Cinema:
      • Not for me, thank you
    • Video Analysis and Pressure Mapping:
      • No thank you

7. Share

Sharing your ideas with our design team is simple - just fill out your name and preferred contact information below and hit the submit button.

(Caption): This is a depiction of a standard setup with the specifics and add-ons you've selected. Like what you see? Our design team will render your exact simulator within your space as part of the new simulator project kick-off process.