PEAK is Foresight Sports’ education and training programme. Standing for Performance Education Analysis and Knowledge, PEAK Certified Professional Training was designed for Players, Coaches, Fitters and Tour Pros to get the very most out of their launch monitors and simulation software, and to ensure a common language and understanding around the different data points measured.

PEAK is both a traditional training programme – where customers can learn from golf’s leading coaching and club-fitting experts – and an interactive learning programme, providing customers with a platform to ask questions about any areas of the system that they are not sure about or would like more information on.


The PEAK training programme is designed for both professionals and players of all abilities –
in short, anyone looking to enhance their understanding of Foresight Sports technology and performance data.


Whether you’re a Club Pro, a coach or teacher or a club-fitter, understanding exactly what is happening to the ball and club – being able to draw educated conclusions from launch monitor data – will vastly improve the service and the value you can offer to your clients.


From those just starting out on their playing journey to Tour Professionals, golf players who understand what is happening when they swing a club – who can understand and interpret launch monitor data and analysis – will drastically improve their games and improvement rates.


PEAK is the starting point for those looking to fully understand their Foresight Sports technology. The digital training program allows students to work through the online content sessions at their own pace, with hours of video content – featuring Liam Mucklow and other Foresight Ambassadors – explaining everything you need to know in easily accessible detail. PEAK Online students can access and refer back to content whenever they choose to.

The core benefit to students of the PEAK Online platform is receiving an in-depth understanding of every data point measured by their launch monitors. It also provides information on how that data can be applied to their sessions, providing a huge enhancement to playing and coaching sessions.

PEAK™ Level 1

Our Level 1 ‘Launch Pad’ curriculum delivers a solid foundation on how Foresight Sports technology works, the key ball and club head data performance parameters it measures, and how to use it effectively in your training or professional programme.

If you’re looking for an unprecedented level of golf performance insight, PEAK Professional Training is for you.

Start your education with a solid foundation. Our Level 1 curriculum covers everything necessary for turning your launch monitor into a key part of your training or professional programme.

Course Curriculum

  • Welcome to PEAK
  • Club Head Data
  • Ball Launch Data
  • Ball Flight Data


  • Welcome to PEAK
  • Club Head Data
  • Ball Launch Data
  • Ball Flight Data

PEAK™ Level 2

The PEAK Level 2 programme takes the core base of knowledge from the ‘Launch Pad’ curriculum and takes it to the next level. The information provided in Level 2 will make you one of the most knowledgeable people in your area. 

You will hear incredible insight from the Foresight Sports Ownership Group, Chief Technical Officer and Chief Engineers, providing unprecedented knowledge about how the technology works. You will then work through the application of this information with case studies from Foresight Sports Ambassadors, learning how best to apply your knowledge to maximise your potential in every session. 

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to PEAK
  • Optical Tracking Technology
  • Competitive Technology
  • Driver Key Concepts
  • Iron Key Concepts
  • Coaching Case Study
  • Putting with Gareth Raflewski
  • Fitting with Ian Fraser


PEAK™ Certified Professional Training has been developed by some of golf’s most trusted and knowledgeable instructors who share the belief that great technology combined with great instruction are essential to game improvement and professional growth.

Developed by award-winning PGA Professional Instructor Liam Mucklow with input and guidance from renowned instructors including Martin Hall, Butch Harmon, and Peter Kostis, PEAK™ Certified Professional Training offers a wide spectrum of educational tools designed to elevate the game in every aspect–from fitting, instruction, and coaching programmes to the performance of every player that shares their passion for the game.

Liam Mucklow spent the first 7 years of his career playing professionally across Asia and North America before focusing his energy on coaching. Since 2008 he has worked closely with the PGA of Canada to provide the highest level of coaching insight and player performance analysis with the assistance of launch monitor technology.