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PEAK – Level 1 Online

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Our Level 1 “Launch Pad” curriculum delivers a solid foundation on how Foresight Sports technology works, the key ball and club head data performance parameters it measures, and how to use it effectively in your training or professional program.

If you’re looking for an unprecedented level of golf performance insight, PEAK Professional Training is for you.


Foresight Sports has been in the game of improving yours since 2010, when they debuted the GC2 “Game Changer,” which has since become one of the golf industry’s favorite launch monitors. With stereoscopic technology (you’ll learn what that means soon!), the GC2 gave unparalleled accuracy in its ball launch and flight performance data.

Fast-forward to the PGA Merchandise Show in 2012, where Foresight Sports debuted the HMT (Head Measurement Technology) and brought a new level of insight to GC2 users. Not only was precise ball data available, but incredibly detailed club head data – including impact location – was available for fitters, instructors, and players in a small, portable device.

It was only a matter of time until the company condensed both technologies into one unit. The GCQuad, Foresight Sports’ current flagship technology, debuted in 2017 and has truly been “changing the game” since. With ball, club, and putting analysis all in the same unit that can be used in an indoor simulator then taken out to the range the same day, the GCQuad sets the standard high for golf launch monitors.

To the fitter, instructor, and professional, terms like “angle of attack” and “spin axis tilt” should be bread and butter – but even the ones who know what those terms mean don’t necessarily know what to do with them. And that’s why we created PEAK: Performace, Education, Analysis, Knowedge.

PEAK started with regional workshops that took place around the globe. Now it’s available in your home, office, or on the range. Listen as Director of Education Liam Mucklow walks you through every data parameter your launch monitor gives you, and then watch as he shows how to apply this in your own sessions. If you still need help, consult the Foresight Sports Advisory Board, a team of PGA Professionals who swear by the technology, on the PEAK Online Forum. And if you want to see how the very best coaches in the world use the data from their technology, visit our library of extra content by Foresight Sports Advisors Michael Breed, Martin Hall, and Butch Harmon.

Welcome to PEAK – your game is about to change forever.

Regional Workshops

Our Regional Workshops to support PEAK Certified Training are organised based on local demand.

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