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Swing Catalyst Home Edition Lite – 1 Year Subscription
Swing Catalyst Home Edition Lite – 1 Year Subscription

The game’s #1 video analysis software has partnered with Foresight Sports for unprecedented swing analysis and performance insight.


The Home Edition Lite:

The Swing Catalyst Home Edition LITE software seamlessly integrates with your launch monitor, allowing you to record swing videos from one camera. Analyze your recorded swings with comprehensive drawing tools, slow-motion playback, video overlay, and side-by-side comparison. With the  Launch monitor integration, the system records automatically every time you hit a shot, collecting your shot data and storing it under the same video file.


The Home Edition LITE supports connectivity to:

  • 1 launch monitor
  • 1 digital camera


System Requirements:

  • GC2, GCQuad, or GCHawk launch monitors *GC3 connectivity coming soon
  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Intel Core i5 or Core i7
  • Monitor capable of 1080p (Full HD) resolution – multiple monitors may be preferable depending on the setup (two monitors are required to run with FSX)
  • 8GB system memory
  • Dedicated graphics Nvidia GTX or RTX (1GB minimum dedicated video memory)

*Camera not included. Home Edition LITE does not come with or support balance plates.

Price £119.00 EX VAT

Digital delivery in 1 - 3 working days

Get help buying – chat now, or call 01483 319207

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