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Peter Finch began working with his GCQuad launch monitor in September 2020, having already used Foresight Sports technology for several years as a PGA Professional, golf coach and social media personality.
From that point onwards, Pete had been in search of an indoor golf simulator space where he could test equipment and create content whenever he wanted.

Watch Peter Finch unveiling his brand new Performance Simulator from Foresight Sports Europe


A key factor for anyone looking to set-up a golf simulator indoors is making sure that the space is large enough, and that there is room to safely swing a golf club. Fortunately, Pete managed to find an available office space measuring approximately 7 x 5 metres, with a ceiling height of approximately 3 metres.

Peter Finch
Peter Finch

Having secured the location for his studio, Pete’s next job was to find the best possible simulator solution for the space. He needed an option that could be designed around his GCQuad launch monitor, to continue providing the most trustworthy ball and club data possible. After consulting with our technology experts, the decision was made to use the Foresight Sports Europe SIM-IN-A-BOX simulator range.


Initially, Pete needed flexibility to be able to continue filming his content while completing the room. The Net Series simulator was the ideal solution during this transition period; it allowed Pete to create his content and accurately measure golf club and ball data whenever he needed to, but the whole simulator system could be packed up in minutes and stored out of the way, allowing plenty of space to finish the studio build.


Once the rest of the studio was finished, Pete needed a more permanent set-up that would provide a better, more immersive experience his golfing audience. Foresight Sports Europe’s Performance Simulatorticked all the boxes. 

Peter Finch
Peter Finch

The Performance Simulator is the first self-build simulator from Foresight Sports Europe and has been a huge hit with customers since its release in March 2020. The package includes all the technical components needed for a complete, projected golf simulation experience, while also providing the unrivalled flexibility of a non-permanent simulator set-up.


The complete indoor golf studio space also boasts an interactive putting green experience from PuttView. The PuttView P7 is a self-assembly system primarily designed for home users. It instantly calculates any putt, projects it directly onto the green and tracks the performance in real-time, along with a host of skill building games and challenges. All the PuttView products can be purchased from Foresight Sports Europe, either on their own or as the perfect accompaniment to an indoor golf simulator.

Peter Finch




You can plan the upgrade of an existing golf simulator, or turn an unused space into a fitting or gaming studio. Whatever your needs, a Foresight Sports true-to-life golf simulator package is the answer!

Powered by our GC launch monitor technology, every sim we install is designed to perfectly fit your space and budget requirements. 


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