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We know that golf technology is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s a requirement; clients expect their lessons and fittings with the best technology available. With so many options on the market we understand that making the right decision for your business is crucial.

Year-round Revenue

The weather is unpredictable. Can you really afford not to have the choice of going indoors?

Or, If your business could operate reliably all year round, how much extra revenue could you generate? 

No indoor golf facility

No daylight, no decent weather.

With an indoor golf facility

No daylight, no decent weather. No Problem 

Speak to a Technology Expert

Learn more about the world’s most trusted and award winning technology.

Speak to a Technology Expert

Learn more about the world’s most trusted and award winning technology. 

Take Your Business to the Next Level

You’ll find our launch monitor technology all over the world, in every golfing environment you can imagine, from golf teaching facilities, to private homes, to the world’s most sophisticated manufacturer R&D facilities.

The new GC3 launch monitor features a three-camera system that delivers ball and club performance data, both outdoors and indoors, with industry-leading precision.

The GCQuad is the world’s most advanced golf launch monitor, delivering unprecedented ball and club performance data with advanced imaging technology.

The GCHawk is a ceiling-mounted launch monitor delivering Foresight’s trusted ball and club performance data, perfect for left- and right-handed play.

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Whether you’re just starting to look into the world of golf technology, or you’re ready to discuss detailed plans for your dream simulator, we’re on hand to help.

  • Launch monitor technologies
  • Simulator styles, structures and sizing
  • Packages, pricing and finance
  • Specific indoor golf set-ups
  • Maximising your investment
  • Any other questions…

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An indoor golf facility investment will open many doors for generating all-year-round revenue. Just think what that will do for your business.

Flexible Finance

We have teamed up with leading providers of business equipment finance and asset leasing, to help spread the cost of your technology investment. 

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Client Success Stories

Our diverse range of golf simulators allows you to play in your own space, at any time, in any weather.

Foresight Business Initiatives

Our business support initiatives will help you plan and upgrade to the best technology in the game, and add an additional, effortless revenue stream through referring us to your clients.

Trade-in, Trade-up

Upgrade your existing launch monitor, including non-Foresight devices, to the industry standard with our ‘Trade-in, Trade-up’ scheme.

Referral Programme

Through our Referral Programme, golf professionals and other members of the golf industry are able to generate additional income.

Create Your Indoor Studio Solution

We can help you plan and design the best indoor golf simulator and tailor it to your needs. It all starts with our intuitive Simulator Builders.

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We have Technology Experts on hand ready to help you find the perfect golf simulator.