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Foresight Sports is the global leader in the development of golf performance, entertainment, and game enhancement solutions, and is recognised by equipment manufacturers, top professional golfers, and media outlets as the industry leader in golf launch monitors and simulators.

The Foresight Sports Difference

Precision, Inside And Out

The Most Trusted Launch Monitors on Tour

Innovating Within The Industry

The Media's most Trusted

When it comes to building your dream golf simulator, Foresight Sports Europe are the all-in-one solution to guide you through the entire process from concept to completion, giving you peace of mind that you are working with the best in the business.

Golf's Most Trusted Launch Monitors

Our unique approach of directly measuring ball launch and club delivery, using ultra-high-speed smart cameras, guarantees the ultimate in accuracy and reliability across every shot and every club in the bag. It is the reason we are trusted all over the world by thousands of golfers, golf professionals, equipment manufacturers and tour players.

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Precision, Inside And Out

Indoors or outdoors, Foresight technology delivers the same level of insight whether you’re on the range or in the simulation studio. Portable and convenient. No leveling, no calibration and no marked balls. Out of the golf bag and ready to go in less than a minute.

The Tour-Trusted Launch Monitor

Foresight Sports has established itself as the go-to launch monitor technology on the Tour, earning widespread acclaim among professionals, amateurs, and coaches alike. With it’s unparalleled accuracy and comprehensive data analysis, Foresight Sports Launch Monitors provide the game’s top golfers with valuable insights into their swing mechanics, ball flight, and club performance.

Custom Golf Simulators

Innovating Within The Industry

The leading club manufacturers use the GCQuad launch monitor for testing because our data is consistent and accurate. Our extensive experience and superior build quality ensures that every unit delivers the “ground truth” of your performance. With robot testing, we recreate the same exact shot and our GCQuad produces the same exact results. Professional golfers, coaches, and manufacturers choose us for a reason.

The Media's most Trusted

Foresight Sports is used and trusted by the biggest names in golf media, from YouTube superstars and content creators to golf publications and media outlets. These include Peter Finch, Mark Crossfield, Rick Shiels and Golf Monthly. Our technology is recognised by these creators as essential to their goal of producing accurate and engaging golf content for their audiences.

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