Upgrade your Game

Transforms your green into an interactive learning environment.

Meet PuttView

PuttView transforms any putting green into an interactive learning environment. It lets players and coaches create any putting scenario indoors and outdoors to see real results out on the course. It instantly calculates any putt, projects it directly onto the green and tracks your performance in real-time to provide actionable feedback.

Watch, play, improve, repeat

Watch PuttView show you how it’s done. Play the Putt. Get instant Feedback. Improve and Repeat.


See what you should be doing: Recreate any putt and visualise break, line and speed directly on the green.


Learn how to improve: Get instant feedback on your performance.


Put the pieces together: PuttView creates a positive feedback loop for better putting performance.

Don’t guess – improve
Play, practice and track performance – all in a turnkey system.

Guided drills, free practice and putting games

No matter if you want to do guided exercises or just putt on it, PuttView always offers the right training. With a game like PuttPong, you can challenge yourself and others to work on your speed control.

Track your performance with user accounts

Create and manage your player or coach account on a tablet application. The first step towards your personal putting data such as Shot pattern and Putting score. Monitor your progress and training and adjust your future training accordingly.

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Speed Corridor

The Speed Corridor gives you an image of all possible putts from deadweight to 3ft past. Knowing that you have several options to play a putt, you can learn to adapt to the situation.

Ball tracking

PuttView technology is able to track your played putt, draw the actual path on the green in real-time and save your putting data. Analyse your tendencies, derive meaningful insights and track your performance over time.


Aiming and Ideal Line

See where you have to aim and focus on starting the ball on your intended line. If you get the speed right, the impact of break takes care of the rest and the ball will follow the Ideal Line. Perfect for improving your ability to control line and speed.


Contour Lines

The Contour Lines, Arrows or Percentage Values visualise all slopes on the green and the animations give you the direction water would flow if thrown onto the green. The Contour Lines help you understand the impact of gravity and read breaks better on the course.


State of the art technology

PuttView uses leading augmented reality technologies to bring meaningful improvement to players of any ability.

An accurate 3D model is the foundation of PuttView. For existing greens and new custom built greens, modern surveying technology is used to scan the green and get 3D models. PuttView Home and Professional Series greens, do not require scanning since they’re manufactured in mm-accuracy according to precise 3D models.

Using the accurate 3D model of the green, allows any putt on that surface to be calculated: for example any starting position, for any hole location, and any starting speed. What is necessary? Calculations run on a compact but powerful PC that also feeds the projector(s). All electronics needed to run PuttView are part of the package.

By installing one or more projectors at the your location we can transform your putting green of up to 540 sqft into an interactive learning environment. The visualisation shows you what you should be doing by visualising break, line and speed directly on the green.

With its ball tracking technology PuttView can project your last putt in real time directly onto the green so you can compare it to the ideal line to track your performance. The direct feedback helps the player and muscle memory to eliminate a source of error.

The product range

PuttView works with any green frequently used in putting practice. Take a look at the Bundles and Custom Solutions availalble.

Home series

60 sqft
self assembly
CNC milled contours

Professional series

90 – 220 sqft
full service
CNC milled contours 

Custom greens

Up to 540 sqft
Individual slop design
built-in green 

Moving greens 

Up to 300 sqft
green consulting
adjustable surface


Used by the best

Joyful improvement for everyone. 

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You can plan the upgrade of an existing golf simulator, or turn an unused space into a fitting or gaming studio. Whatever your needs, a Foresight Sports true-to-life golf simulator package is the answer!

Powered by our GC launch monitor technology, every sim we install is designed to perfectly fit your space and budget requirements. 

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