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Game Changing Launch Monitors

Pioneers of optical ball flight analysis, Foresight Sports has changed the game with its award-winning line of GC launch monitors. Indoors or outdoors, from the PGA Tour to the home simulation studio, no other technology delivers the accuracy and reliability of our GC launch monitors.

What We Measure

Ball Speed

The measurement of the golf ball’s velocity just after impact. Ball speed is the main component in generating distance.

What We Measure

Launch Angle

The initial vertical angle of ascent relative to the ground plane measured in degrees. The launch angle, combined with ball spin and speed, will determine the ball’s carry and total distance.

What We Measure


The initial horizontal angle relative to the target line. The azimuth, combined with side spin, will determine the final ball position range relative to the target line.

What We Measure

Total Spin

The amount of total spin created around the tilt axis is expressed as total spin. This will determine the curve and lift of the shot.

What We Measure

Spin-Tilt Axis

One of the most important pieces of data measured by our launch monitors is the spin-tilt axis. The spin-tilt axis is the axis that the golf ball rotates around to create shot curvature and lift.


Power your home simulator with the same launch monitor as the tour. The most precise technology in a compact form factor that works in any space.


Portable and convenient. No leveling, No calibration and No marked balls. Out of the golf bag and ready to go in less than a minute.


The most trusted performance analysis solutions available. We give you the best information so you can get the most out of your practice time.


The only solution designed to use every club in your bag and play from the tee to the green with true precision and realism.


The most complete game insight powered by the world’s most trusted launch monitor technology. Delivering data analysis tailored to the professional golf instructor.


Combine exacting data and analytics with expertise and experience to provide precise gear selection and setup.


With its overhead mounting and advanced object-tracking capabilities, the GCHawk opens the door to a range of multi-sport.

overhead mounted models


It’s true – form does follow function. Beyond being the most advanced launch monitor ever created, the GCQuad is also the most beautifully ergonomic. Created from the ground up with the help of an award-winning industrial design team, every curve, color, material, and feature was chosen with performance in mind.

Ground Based Models


The GCQuad delivers unprecedented ball and club performance data as well as a spectrum of professional features in a compact, ergonomic design.


Combining the legendary GC2 with our Head Measurement Technology, this power duo gives you ball and club data with eye-opening accuracy and reliability.


The original Game Changer and best-selling professional-grade launch monitor of all time, the GC2 is equally at home on the golf range or inside your virtual golf studio.