Our Sim-in-a-Box golf simulators are the most complete all-in-one virtual golf packages available today.

Performance Simulator

Our Professional Golf Simulators are tailored to your size requirements and fitted by our team of installation experts.

The pinnacle of true-to-life golf simulation. You imagine it – we’ll create it.

What is a
golf simulator?

A golf simulator provides the perfect environment to practice, improve and enjoy your golf – whenever you want to. From a home golf simulator to an indoor golf simulator at your local club, Foresight Sports technology provides the most true-to-life simulation experience in the world.

An indoor golf simulator consists of specially designed hardware and software, enabling the golfer to play without being on a driving range or a golf course. Golf simulators can range from simple, net-based solutions to fully installed hard-panelled enclosures. You can explore the wide range of Foresight Sports golf simulator applications below. 

Our simulator applications.

You’ll find our simulation technology all over the world, in every golfing environment you can imagine, from private homes to the world’s most sophisticated manufacturer R&D facilities.

The ultimate simulation software.

Enjoy the most true-to-life golf simulation experience with FSX 2020.

Play the world’s best and most exclusive courses, practice your skills on the range, or even compete in skill-building competitions with players around the world — all in beautiful 4K resolution. With the world’s most accurate and trusted directly measured data at your fingertips, your options to grow your game with FSX are truly unlimited. 

Build your dream simulator.

We can help you plan and design the best indoor golf simulator and tailor it to your needs. It all starts with our intuitive Simulator Builder.

Build your dream simulator.

We can help you plan and design the best indoor golf simulator and tailor it to your needs. It all starts with our intuitive Simulator Builder.

Meet the family.

Our family of GC (Game Changer) launch monitors is powered by the most trusted and accurate technology ever created. See why Foresight Sports is trusted by the best players, coaches and fitters in the world.

Talk to a Technology Expert.

If you’re ready to start planning your dream golf simulator, or if you’re just starting your journey and need to understand what options are available, our friendly Technology Experts are ready to help you.

Golf simulators – an introduction.

This guide provides an introduction to golf simulators, covering everything you need to know about how they work, the different types available, and the components that make up a simulator.

performance golf simulator

Golf simulator components. 

This guide follows on from our Introduction to Golf Simulators. In this post we will look in detail at each individual golf simulator component. 

There’s nothing like Foresight.

The most accurate.

Our ultra-high-speed cameras image the exact movement of the golf ball and clubhead, directly measuring data to the highest tolerances without assumptions.

Measures every shot.

We measure every shot from the shortest putt to the longest of drives – all to the highest accuracy levels in the industry.

Use indoors and outdoors.

Our GC family are the only systems designed from the ground up to work perfectly indoors and outside.

Versatile and reliable.

With the GC family you can practice and play golf in any environment with completely trusted results.

The Foresight experience.

Our team of product experts is ready to help you create your ultimate indoor golf simulator.

Space survey.

Custom design.


Onsite training.