Why Foresight?

Driven by innovation and the industry’s top team of engineers, Foresight Sports is dedicated to developing with the most advanced sports imaging solutions possible. For more than two decades, our team has worked with top equipment makers and industry leaders to create groundbreaking camera-based tracking solutions that utilise the latest in hardware and software technologies. 

Top 10 reasons 

We can give you at least 10 good reasons why you should be using Foresight Sports technology. With our revolutionary GCQuad, GCHawk, GC3 and full simulation technologies, we have quickly become the dominant provider of performance-driven, business-enhancing golf analysis solutions that are unmatched in accuracy, reliability, ease of use and return on investment.

The most accurate

Our GC-range of launch monitors have been independently tested and are proven to be the most accurate analysis systems in golf. Our ultra-high-speed cameras image the exact movement of the golf ball and clubhead, directly measuring data to the highest tolerances without assumptions.

The easiest to use

The GC-family are all self-levelling and self-calibrating. Put them down on the ground, turn them on, and you are ready to go in less than a minute. Work with them standalone, connected to your iPad or Android device, hooked up to your laptop, or in your studio, swing room, or simulator. The choice is yours.

Measures every shot

Our technology works in every environment and with every club in the bag, from putter to lob wedge to driver. We measure every shot from the shortest putt to the longest of drives – all to the highest accuracy levels in the industry. Our technology is not affected by swing speeds, launch angles, ball types or club paths. Whatever you do, we directly measure it, every time.

Pure data – any weather

Because we directly measure all critical ball and club data using our built-in cameras from side on, our data is unaffected by down-range conditions. As a result, the data we measure is the data that is relevant to you, pure and unaffected by wind, weather, divots or gradient of the range.

Versatile and reliable

With the GC-family you can practice and play golf in any environment with completely trusted results. Our pure data can be used for club fitting, ball fitting, tee fitting, gap analysis, distance control, club optimisation, club retailing, coaching, practice, social and competitive golf, and even nearest the pin and long drive competitions.

Use indoors and outdoors

Our GC-family are the only systems designed from the ground up to work perfectly indoors and outside. Whether on the range, off the grass, on the putting green, short game area, on the course, or in any size indoor facility, our industry leading accuracy is unaffected.

Flexible and scalable

Because our technology is the only one to work perfectly indoors and outdoors, it is also the only one to have the capability to be expanded into a genuinely accurate indoor swing room, teaching/fitting facility, or full simulator.

ROI? It delivers!

Compared to other technologies on the market ours is the most cost-effective. Providing better and more accurate data than any other system ensures our customers benefit from being able to provide a wider range of services to their clients, day and night, all year round, no matter what the weather, and, as a result, they see the fastest return on their investment.

Best-selling golf technology

With thousands of units sold worldwide, Foresight is now the most in demand technology in golf. As the most accurate, flexible, versatile, reliable, interactive, user-friendly, and expandable technology on the market, it’s no surprise that the golf industry, as well as the discerning private golfer, has embraced the brand so wholeheartedly.

Our client list says it all

Foresight Sports is now used by almost every major brand in golf including Titleist, PING, Cleveland/Srixon, Taylormade, Callaway and many others. Our technology is used by a host of tour players including Rickie Fowler, Russell Knox and Bryson DeChambeau to name but a few and can also be found in golf clubs around the world, including prestigious venues such as Wentworth, Carnoustie and Sunningdale. We are selected by the best of the best across every part of the golf industry.


Comprehensive performance analysis and true-to-life gaming provide a wealth of opportunities for users of our cutting-edge technology. Unprecedented ball launch data and club delivery analysis mean the possibilities are endless. Some of the most popular uses include:


Our technology gives golf pros the most complete data set available.
custom fitting

Club Fitting

Accurate data analysis to custom fit equipment to suit your swing.

Practice & self-analysis

Play skills challenges or hone your swing on our virtual range.

Social game play 

True-to-life game play on dozens of world class courses.
gap fitting

Gap testing 

Work your way through the bag to measure your precise yardages.
ball fitting

Ball fitting

Analyse spin data to identify the best ball for your game.


Nearest the pin, long drives, skills challenges and medals.


Measure and compare how you are performing against others.

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