The Ultimate Game Changer.
Building on the cutting-edge innovation of its GC2 predecessor, the GCQuad’s advanced technology and lightning-fast processor, power the most precise, versatile launch monitor available today.
The GCQuad. The game’s most advanced launch monitor.
GCQuad golf launch monitor technology
Take it for a Spin.

Unmatched Ball and Club Data.

See what makes the GCQuad & QCHawk the most advanced, and accurate, launch monitors ever created.

Professional Grade Analysis.

Powered by the world’s most trusted launch monitor technology, FSX 2020 delivers powerful data analysis and visualisation features tailor-made for the professional club fitter and golf instructor.

Massive Upgrades.

The GCQuad isn’t just accurate. A wealth of new features, including a larger outdoor-viewable display, make it the ultimate launch monitor for players, club fitters, and instructors that demand the best.

The Anatomy of Accuracy.

See what makes the GCQuad the most advanced, and accurate, launch monitor ever created.

True-to-life Simulation.

The world’s most advanced launch monitor is ideal for the world’s best virtual golf experience.

Putting Analysis. 

The world’s most advanced launch monitor just got even better. With Essential Putting Analysis, you’ve now got never-before-seen insight into every aspect of your putting game.


Technology: Quadrascopic high-speed camera system
Dimensions: 7"(w) x 12.5"(t) x 4”(d)
Weight: 7.5lbs / 3.8kg
Battery: Removeable 6-8 hour lithium ion
Data Interface: USB / WiFi / Ethernet
Quad size

Nothing comes close to Foresight.

The Most Accurate.

Our GC-range of launch monitors have been independently tested and are proven to be the most accurate analysis systems in golf. Our ultra-high speed cameras image the exact movement of the golf ball and club-head, directly measuring data to the highest tolerances without assumptions.

Measures Every Shot.

Our technology works in every environment and with every club in the bag, from putter to lob wedge to driver. We measure every shot from the shortest putt to the longest of drives – all to the highest accuracy levels in the industry. Our technology is not affected by swing speeds, launch angles, ball types or club paths. Whatever you do, we directly measure it, every time.

Use Indoors and Outdoors.

Our GC-family of Golf Launch Monitors are the only systems designed from the ground up to work perfectly indoors and outside. Whether on the range, off the grass, on the putting green, short game area, on the course, or anywhere you can safely swing a club indoors, our industry-leading accuracy is unaffected.

Versatile and Reliable.

With the GC-family you can practice and play golf in any environment with completely trusted results. Our pure data can be used for club fitting, ball fitting, tee fitting, gap analysis, distance control, club optimisation, club retailing, coaching, practice, social and competitive golf, and even nearest the pin and long drive competitions.

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