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New Foresight Sports Showroom Opens In Dubai

Aguila Performance, a leading provider of bespoke golf simulator solutions in Dubai, has officially opened its new showroom showcasing Foresight Sports industry-leading camera-based technology.
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Aguila Performance is an approved partner for Foresight Sports Europe in the United Arab Emirates. Based in Jumeirah Golf Estates, their facility features three custom simulators powered by Foresight’s Falcon, GCQuad, and GC3 launch monitors. The simulators feature high-end interior fitouts to show how the technology can be incorporated in a luxury home or commercial environment. 

"It’s great news that there is now a regional demonstration facility for Foresight Sports customers in the UAE. The showroom looks incredible, and Aguila Performance offers local support and turnkey installation for both private and commercial clients."

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Foresight Sports is renowned for its cutting-edge launch monitors and golf simulator solutions which are recognised for their absolute precision, utilising high-speed cameras to directly measure club delivery and ball launch, rather than rely on calculated data. This accuracy is vital for golf teachers and fitters, offering immediate and actionable feedback on ball and club performance, as well as enabling golf enthusiasts to improve and enjoy their sport all year round. 

"We are thrilled to bring Foresight Sports' cutting-edge golf simulator technology to the heart of Dubai, in our showroom at Jumeirah Golf Estates. The showroom is " a game changer" and promises to revolutionise the golfing experience in the Middle East. The entire team is excited to showcase the unparalleled precision and realism that Foresight Sports' simulators deliver, providing golfers with an immersive and dynamic experience."

Aguila Performance’s Director of Golf, Greg Holmes commented, “We are delighted to be able to showcase the entire Foresight range of golf simulator technology here at Aguila Performance, the data from which will allow golfers of all standards to optimise their game.”

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