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Custom gym simulator.
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This stunning curtain-sided golf simulator, with both GCHawk and GCQuad launch monitors, is a fantastic example of our team working seamlessly with a customer’s architect to solve problems and provide the perfect solution for the space. 

The customer was re-designing an area of their London home in order to create space for a golf simulator and gym area. 

The most challenging problem to overcome was the ceiling height in the swing area. Working together, our team and the architect created a raised section in the ceiling. This provided space for any club in the bag to be swung, as well as the perfect space for the GCHawk to be mounted. 

Our team decided to use curtained sides in the simulator; this helps to reduce the impact sound of golf balls from travelling around the home, and allows the space to be opened out if required.

The Foresight team also had to negotiate both pipework and a sliding door when installing the simulator flooring, to ensure that everything would fit perfectly.

The finished result is a golf simulator that is custom-designed exactly to the customer’s space and wishes. They now have an incredible dual space, housing both the golf simulator and the home gym set-up. 

Golf simulator dimensions.

Height: 3,200mm (at highest point)
Depth: 5,200mm (to end of turf)
Width: 3,825mm

Golf simulator components.

  • GCHawk Ceiling Mounted Launch Monitor – Ball and Club Data
  • GCQuad Launch Monitor – Ball and Club Data
  • FSX Simulation Software – with additional course bundle 
  • Retractable curtain-sided simulator structure 
  • Professional dual-layer hitting screen 
  • High-specification gaming PC and PC cabinet 
  • 27” HD Touchscreen 
  • High-lumen projector 
  • Premium artificial turf with sub-floor and hitting mat.

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