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Falcon Becomes Fastest Selling Launch Monitor

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Foresight Sports’ latest launch monitor, the Foresight Falcon, is set to become the industry’s definitive overhead technology across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Following the release of the Foresight Falcon in early January, Foresight Sports Europe can confirm that their latest overhead launch monitor and simulator engine, the much-anticipated sister model to the GCHawk, has become the fastest selling launch product in the company’s history. The first allocation of Falcon’s has completely sold out across the EMEA region with orders already being taken for the second allocation of units expected later in quarter 1.

Built on the same ultra-high-speed camera technology found in the GCHawk, the Falcon is designed for golf only use as compared to the Hawk’s multi-sports, and as a result delivers a full complement of cutting-edge simulation capabilities in a more powerful form factor roughly half the size of its predecessor.

Covering both left and right-handed play with auto-player selection and alignment to target line, the Falcon packs everything you expect from a Foresight product into a smaller, lighter model that beats every competitor unit both feature for feature and on price point. 

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What sets the unit apart from the competition is the amount of data parameters it delivers, offering full ball and club data for the ultimate accuracy and range of application. With complete data the Falcon provides the ultimate indoor technology for coaches and fitters alike, as well as for the best players looking to hone their game. Of course, it also provides the most accurate and user-friendly indoor golf experience yet available to the market.

“We’ve been blown away by the response to the Falcon since we introduced it in early January. With the same range and accuracy of ball and club data as delivered by our Hawk, which is nearly twice the data of any competitor overhead-mounted launch monitor, and with the improvements made around size and ease of installation, the Falcon has been embraced by both our trade customers and by home simulation users alike.”

Built on a reinforced aluminium framework that’s 5 kg lighter and 45 inches shorter than the GCHawk, the Falcon’s quadrascopic camera technology delivers an impressive list of features that includes a hitting zone nearly twice the size of other ceiling systems, rubberised ball-strike protection, and three connection options (Ethernet, USB-C, Wi-Fi). Standing behind its unmatched product build quality and industrial design, Foresight Sports has ensured the Falcon comes with a two—year warranty – longer than that of any competing products.

“Having worked in golf simulation and technology for more than twenty years, we have always believed that one day a product would be developed that would raise the bar to the point where it becomes the definitive indoor golf system. We believe the Falcon is that product. Tour-proven ball and club data; unparalleled indoor simulation and ball flight; able to be installed into any existing simulator as an upgrade; and a one-time price point that typically returns on investment inside just a few months. The Falcon IS the definitive indoor golf technology”.

The Foresight Falcon is available from £13,990/€16,000 ex VAT, including software with no ongoing annual subscription fee. Pre-orders for the EMEA region’s second allocation are already selling out.

Customers looking to experience the Falcon first-hand can now book a product demonstration, either in person at Foresight Sports Europe’s UK showroom or via a virtual demonstration.


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