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Garage conversion simulator.
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This simulator installation is yet another example of how our team can work with the customer to meet their specific requirements. Our customer had a suitable space for the golf simulator within their double garage, but the key for them was still being able to park the car in the garage if required.  

Our team designed a simulator to fit the space with retractable curtain sides and a retractable netted ceiling; this allows the ‘structure’ to be easily moved aside as needed. 

My experience with Foresight has been first class from start to finish. I’m delighted we chose to work with them on this project as the quality is exceptional and they place a lot of focus on delivering to their customers needs. The room sees a lot of use, mostly as a golf simulator, but also for movie nights or to watch big sports events but as yet…never for the car!

In addition to the sides and ceiling, the Foresight team also built a bespoke frame for the turf and hitting mat. The mat remains stationary while in use, but can be removed quickly and simply to create the space needed for the car.

The result is an incredible, multi-use golf simulator space, just a few steps from the customer’s front door, complete with seating* and a beer fridge*!

*Seating and beer fridge not supplied by Foresight Sports Europe

The SIM / GCQuad is an amazing piece of equipment. It has certainly improved my understanding of the golf swing and I credit it with improvements in my game this year. Given how technically advanced it is, it’s intuitive to use and the whole family are able to develop their games, whether it be on the range, playing a few holes or visiting Foresight Fairgrounds.

Garage dimensions.

Height at wall: 2,742mm

Depth: 5,570mm

Width: 5,800mm 

Golf simulator dimensions.

Height: 3,085mm

Depth to back of hitting mat: 4,170mm

Width: 3,800m

Golf simulator components.

  • GCQuad Launch Monitor – Ball and Club Data
  • FSX Simulation Software – with additional course bundle 
  • Retractable curtain-sided simulator structure with retractable netted ceiling 
  • Professional dual-layer hitting screen 
  • High specification gaming PC and PC cabinet 
  • 27” HD touchscreen monitor
  • High-lumen projector 
  • Premium artificial turf with sub-floor and hitting mat 

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