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GC3 awarded Golf Monthly Editor’s Choice

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The brand new GC3 launch monitor is already turning heads in the industry, picking up its first award immediately after launching into the UK and Europe.

Renowned golfing publication Golf Monthly has recognised the “uncompromising accuracy and performance” of the new Foresight Sports GC3 launch monitor with their Editor’s Choice Award 2022.

“The latest addition to the Foresight Sports GC family provides the unmatched data accuracy and true-to-life simulation experience Foresight offers at a lower price point than the company’s flagship monitor - the GCQuad.”

Golf Monthly is one of the world’s leading golf media brands, and their annual Editor’s Choice Awards showcases the best products released in the industry each year. This year’s shortlist features just 100 products that stand “head and shoulders above the rest”. Within the technology category, the GC3 was recognised for its “best-in-class accuracy” and “extremely precise and reliable feedback”.

The review explains that the GC3 is Foresight Sports’ most affordable launch monitor yet, powered by the same industry-leading technology as the tour-dominating GCQuad. The GC3 has a triscopic camera system that allows players to accurately measure and improve their golf, while experiencing a new way to refine and develop new skills.

Joel Tadman discusses how the GC3’s “advanced photometric technology” provides golfers with “unmatched data accuracy” for a range of key club and ball data points, including ball speed, launch angle and spin axis. 

“If you’re looking to understand your swing and improve your game, the GC3 is a hugely useful tool.”

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Golf Monthly’s review explains that, like the GCQuad, the GC3 can be used both indoors and outdoors. Foresight Sports developed the GC3 with usability in mind, with its intuitive touchscreen display providing comprehensive data in real-time; the information provided delivers a solid foundation to improve your golf.

Within a simulator environment, the GC3 can power a “true-to-life” virtual golf experience. We offer a range of golf simulators, from our portable Net Series to our fully installed Professional Simulators. The GC3 is compatible with all Foresight Sports Europe simulators and the latest FSX Play software and is the perfect launch monitor for those looking to “understand their swing”.

The launch monitor you’ve been waiting for!

The GC3, our most affordable launch monitor to date, is now available to order. 


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