Golf Principles

We spoke with renowned custom-fitting expert Jason MacNiven, owner of Golf Principles Ltd.

Jason’s impressive career has included time spent working at Callaway, Taylormade and Wentworth. Jason has worked with thousands of clients and amassed more than 10,000 hours of custom-fitting experience. He has personal experience of working with several different technology systems and made the transition from a radar system to Foresight Sport’s GCQuad.

In this Q&A session, Jason tells us about his experience and success as a custom-fitter, as well as explaining the reason behind his technology switch and the positive impact this has had on his business.

“…it’s definitely worth a comparison test…when that shot was hit out of the heel and it was showing left-hooking [on the radar unit] – and I know, and the player knows, it’s going high and right, and it’s showing on the Quad as going high and right…that’s game, set and match. At that point you go, ‘wow’.”


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