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Josh Oddy | Why GC3 is on another level

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We caught up with full-time content creator and professional golfer Josh Oddy, to talk about his journey from a budget launch monitor and net setup, to his dream garden room simulator powered by GC3.

Josh explains how having the GC3 has taken his winter practice to the next level, allowing him to stay sharp when it’s cold, dark, and raining, and even allow him to enjoy some friendly competition with his dad. 

Having a launch monitor you can't trust is a dangerous situation.
Comparing the GC3 to other launch monitors, it’s on a level far above.

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He also highlights the importance of reliable launch monitor data and how he can trust that the GC3 is producing the same shots in the simulator as he would on the course.

The advice I'd give to other golfers for setting up their own home golf simulator would be to go and look at the top end. Do some research, the cheaper launch monitors, unfortunately, won't give you data that's 100% accurate.

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