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New QuadMAX® Launch Monitor from Foresight Sports

Seven years after the debut of the GCQuad — the gauge by which all launch monitors are measured — the QuadMAX has arrived as an even more efficient, feature-rich, performance-analysis workhorse.

Foresight Sports, the leading developer of professional-grade launch monitors announced today that it will unveil the QuadMAX, the newest and by far most powerful iteration of Foresight’s award-winning launch monitor technology, at the 2024 PGA Show in Orlando, Florida.

Built on the same advanced four-camera photometric data capture system found in its predecessor, the GCQuad, the QuadMAX packs even more features into its compact, ruggedised form factor. Starting from the top, the QuadMAX contains a touchscreen display for easier usability, while a new software feature called MyTiles allows users to customise the on-screen data they wish to view and prioritize. MyTiles satisfies a wish-list request from top instructors and Tour players seeking to focus on only certain launch variables during lessons and practice. 

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QuadMAX touchscreen

Another new feature allows shot and session data to be captured on the QuadMAX’s internal memory for later offload and analysis via the Foresight Sports app. This is especially useful for golfers avoiding distractions from phones and tablets during practice. The internal memory can store data for up to two billion shots, enough to keep a golfer hitting a ball every second non-stop for more than 60 years.

With QuadMAX, players get even more game-changing performance data parameters – including club closure rate, ball apex, descent angle and ball offline from target. In addition to the new data points, golfers engaged in speed training will enjoy QuadMAX’s ability to measure swing speed without the need for a ball to be struck. This feature even functions with use of a speed training aid (affixed with reflective marker) rather than a golf club.

According to Foresight Sports Co-President Jon Watters, the QuadMAX reflects the company’s charge to innovate beyond their already industry-leading technology. “2024 is a pivotal year for us in terms of delivering best-in-class technology to golfers,” Watters said. “With QuadMAX and our new simulation-focused Foresight Falcon launch monitors, we’re delivering the pinnacle of performance analysis in terms of accuracy, reliability, and build quality. Combining this with our SIM IN A BOX® simulation and FSX software offerings, there isn’t an aspect of performance improvement or golf entertainment experiences where we aren’t leading.”

Rounding out the physical highlights of the new launch monitor are a 15% larger battery for notably increased battery life, and a 15% decrease in weight due to magnesium internals.

QuadMAX is already making noise on Tour. “When we debuted prototypes at the SENTRY, Tour players instantly gravitated to check out what was new” said Mark Gerent, Foresight Sports Tour Representative. “What I found most interesting was that each player keyed in on a favourite new feature. These guys are really excited.”

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