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Peter Finch – Why I Choose Foresight

Peter Finch is a household name in the world of golf, and we recently caught up with him to talk about how Foresight Sports has helped to accelerate the growth of his brand, and how his new simulator, installed by our in house team, takes his content to the next level.

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Peter explains his decision to choose Foresight Sports and how our launch monitors and simulator options have helped him throughout his career as a PGA Pro, and more recently as a YouTube superstar.

The Interview

Why Do You Use A Launch Monitor?

From the very start it became apparent that moving into a new form of media and a new generation of golfers, that gathering data and understanding the data was going to become more and more important.

Even from the very early days of making the videos, especially with the club reviews, it was important to analyse the data, present the data, so people who were watching the videos could tell the difference between one driver and another. Also in coaching as well, I like to be able to give an example of how a swing changes, not only via video, but via data and via launch monitors. That became an invaluable tool, to the point now where it’s almost seen as a requirement for pretty much every coach to use some kind of launch monitor.

Why Did You Choose Foresight?

I chose Foresight initially just because of the way that the data was captured. I was familiar with radar systems as well, and we all know that these different launch monitors all have their own benefits.

But for me, with Foresight, because it was a photograph, because it was data which was so consistent every time, and not just based on ball flight, I felt that I could trust that really well.

Then as I was comparing the Foresight data to radar data, it just became clear that one was more consistent than the other.

Our incredible Custom Golf Simulators have been fine-tuned over 20 years to create the perfect indoor golf environment.

What Led You To Use Foresight Tech Indoors?

What really led me to be mostly using the Foresight tech indoors was, for a start, it was pretty clear quite quickly that Foresight devices – I started off with the GC2, and now obviously onto the Quad – using those indoors has absolutely no disadvantage when compared to using them outside because the data is so consistent.

Where I used to coach in Burnley, it was usually hitting into a pretty strong headwind, so it became a little bit confusing at times to be saying, “okay, so this is what your data would normally be, but because we’re hitting into a massive headwind, this is why you’re only hitting your 8 iron 110 yards”, so that was one of the reasons.

The second reason for moving indoors is because we have control over the environment. In the northwest of England, if you’ve never been here before, probably don’t come in winter because is completely pointless, especially if you’re going to be playing golf. So indoors it allows us to have consistency of data, and I don’t have to wear 64 layers.

How Did You Begin Your Indoor Simulator Journey?

My setup indoors really began when we got this room, this office. This was just before the first COVID lockdown, and it was such a fortunate decision that we managed to get this room because from then on we had a location to film and we had a location to carry on working, which was absolutely vital.

Initially, because I didn’t really have any idea what I was doing when I was setting up the studio, we literally had a mat in here, and a net, and we were using the Quad, and that was fine. That was good. I had everything that I wanted, but then it was like, well, how do we make this look a little bit better?

We then moved on to the Sim-in-a-Box setup and that was really good, and it was very simple as well. As much as I love tech and as much as I understand how a lot of it works, the practicality of setting stuff up is not my forte. So having a Sim-in-a-Box setup, that was really good. It was super simple. But now we’re at a stage where we want to make the surroundings, we want to have an environment that looks really good on camera.

Having a set up like this, which is so much more roomy, it’s cleaner and you can just move around and demonstrate a lot easier, has been fantastic.

How Has Having An Indoor Environment Benefitted You?

Being indoors has really helped our business just because it makes it easier to make the videos that we need to. It’s so hard sometimes, especially this time of year when you have to review a driver and you look outside and it’s snowing, and you’re like, “well, this isn’t going to work.”

So being indoors and having the potential to be working all year round is absolutely crucial. And as it gets round to summer, all I really need to do is turn the heater off and I can continue to do lessons and review clubs in here. So having an indoor set up is so important because it’s an all-year-round environment that you can use.

You can’t really trust what’s going to happen outside, so having something indoors which you can control has been absolutely essential for what we do. 

“Being indoors and having the potential to be working all year round is absolutely crucial. If a golf course is closed and you can go play some courses, that makes a huge difference.”

What Is The Most Important Element Of A Good Golf Simulator?

The most important element of a good golf simulator for me is obviously the unit that you use.

With the Quad, for example, that I use, you can see the data on the screen on the unit. If you’re going to be using the Foresight unit and you want to see a ball flight, then having some kind of screen, having some kind of projector is obviously going to be worthwhile.

For me personally, I like to see also what a ball flight would look like. Especially this year as I’ve been using the FSX Play software so much more, so I can get around all these courses. That has been really good – to have the ability to look outside, see snow on the ground, shrug, and then go play Pebble Beach. It’s quite nice.


I’ve been lucky enough to start with the GC2, that very first model, and work all the way up to the Quad that I have now.

The GC3, which I was using predominantly as an outdoor unit, was absolutely fantastic, and it gave me all the data that I really needed. I could quite happily use the GC3 and that is something which certainly since I’ve been working a little bit more in a TV space. Using a GC3 or a Quad is something which practically every single tour pro that I watch out on the range has.

It’s just the ease of setup, you can just get this unit out, you can plonk it down in front of where you’re hitting and then you can go, there’s no faffing around, there’s no real difficult setup needed. So if you’re somebody who wants that flexibility to move around with the unit, then I’d probably say the GC3 is a really good option.

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