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Following the launch of Finch Golf Media at the start of 2020 and on the back of his most successful period since beginning his journey as a content creator back in 2014 – Peter Finch chose to expand his content potential with the addition of a Foresight Sports GCQuad, FSX Software and Performance Simulator for his brand new studio.

Having previously worked with the Foresight Sports launch monitors and having released a series of videos where he tested his skills against the FSX Skills Challenge. Peter was never in doubt that he wanted the GCQuad.

Making use of its 4 ultra-high-speed cameras to directly measure the golf ball and club the GCQuad provides Peter with the complete freedom to create content inside or out, and still receive the same reliable data, enabling him to cover a range of topics to help educate and entertain his audience.

Combining the unrivalled precision of the GCQuad with the wealth of features within the FSX Software in his Performance Simulator has given Peter a seemingly endless stream of content creation opportunities and ideas to further engage with his audience across a range of topics and continue to grow his channels and following.


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