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2020 CS 02 02 WEB

As is often the case, we had been working with this customer for a number of years. They started with a simple GC2 set-up with FR1 software back in 2015 and then, following a house move, wanted to upgrade their simulator experience.  With insufficient space within the new property and no viable option for having an external room built, they decided to renovate an existing outbuilding.

The before and after images show the considerable transformation that the building went through; the addition of the vaulted ceiling with retractable curtain sides showcasing the versatility of the Foresight Sports Europe design and installation team. 

The dimensions of the space are: 

  • Height: 3150mm
  • Room width: 4800mm
  • Curtain width: 4000mm
  • Turf depth: 5200mm

From an initial GC2 set-up to a fully customised golf simulator powered by GCQuad and FSX Software, our client proves that starting small and gradually working toward your dream simulator is both achievable and a worthwhile investment.


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