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The Impact of Golf Ball Choice on Your Game


Videographer and golfer, Luke Hodgetts headed down to Hockley golf course with his GC3 launch monitor to unveil a crucial insight into your golf game – the difference between using range balls and premium golf balls.

He showcases the reliability of his chosen Callaway Chrome soft X for precision shots. From 107 yards, playing at 110, he delivers a shot that emulates what you’d expect during a typical round. The GC3 shows a spin of about 8000 and ball speed just under 90mp/h.

Luke then switches to a range ball, and the results are astonishing. The range ball delivers a higher launch and less spin – these differences can dramatically impact your ability to predict your ball flight on the golf course, which is crucial when perfecting your wedge game.

Watch the full video now to hear Luke’s full insights to help elevate your practice sessions, understand your data, and watch your game reach new heights.

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