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The Springs Resort and Golf Club

The increase in indoor golf facilities in recent years has proven the importance of having an indoor facility to businesses within the golf industry. An indoor golf simulator is crucial as it allows coaching, fitting, play and practice, no matter the weather conditions or time of day. This ensures that business opportunities can always be maximised.

To increase business and improve member facilities, The Springs Resort and Golf Club chose Foresight Sports Europe to design and install two cutting-edge simulators powered by GCQuad.

In the video below, Kevin Paver – marketing manager at Darwin Escapes – speaks with PGA Professional and Foresight Sports Europe Product Expert Justin Sandler, to find out more about the build and exactly what golfers can expect when they visit the fantastic new facility. 


Kevin also explained why they chose to work with Foresight Sports Europe for the project;

“We chose Foresight as we had heard excellent reviews from other industry professionals who had used it and were incredibly impressed with its all-round performance. They also spoke highly about the communication throughout the project and how the installations were quick delivering a superb end result.”

The golf simulators are both powered by the award-winning GCQuad launch monitor which uses ultra-high-speed cameras to measure the golf ball and golf club with sub-millimeter precision. This provides the most accurate and reliable golf simulator experience available today. 


In speaking about the experience of working with Foresight, Kevin Paver explained;

“The experience has been first class. Following the completion of our swing studio project at The Springs, the recommendations we’d received were 100% accurate.”

Everyone that was involved in the project from Foresight have helped made this build seamless from start to finish. We were embarking on a multi-million-pound project across the entire site, with lots of different people involved in the development, and the Foresight team when called upon to drop into the project did it faultlessly.

The golf simulators are already in constant use by the Professionals and a seemingly endless stream of members coming to try them out and dial in their numbers on the GCQuad. Kevin explained the response so far “We wish we had done it sooner!”

“The feedback from members and visitors, both beginners and experienced golfers has been fantastic. As you walk through the door, you cannot fail to be impressed with the look and feel of the space, but the real excitement comes from seeing and experiencing it in action. It really is an incredible place for golfers.”

To find out more about the Foresight Sports Simulator options, and how you could start maximising your golf business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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