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Total Range at Norwich Family Golf Centre

Total Range NFGC 02 WEB

Norwich Family Golf Centre is the first UK venue to launch the Total Range driving range technology system from Foresight Sports.

The newly installed Total Range system features eight driving range bays, powered by cutting-edge driving range technology. Each bay has a GCQuad launch monitor to provide data from the golf ball and the golf club (if desired). One of the bays even features two GCQuads to ensure that left-handed golfers are catered for.

Total Range Norwich left handed

The bay dividers include a touchscreen allowing access to Foresight’s performance and entertainment FSX 2020 software. This screen shows the ball flight on the course, range or game being used as well as instant launch monitor data.

Each bay also has a large TV screen that can be adjusted for either players or observers to see each shot.

How does Total Range driving range technology work?

Directly measured data from the GCQuad captures the most accurate golf club and ball data available in the world. The data is delivered instantly to Foresight’s FSX 2020 software for real-time review and analysis.

The Total Range software, controlled via the touchscreen, provides access to a host of games, challenges and performance analysis tools. Players can even access their personal FSX Live accounts to unlock the full features of Foresight’s immersive FSX 2020 software.

Golfers of all abilities can enjoy the full Foresight Sports golf technology simulation experience. Players can:

  • Enjoy world-famous golf courses
  • Perfect their short game with the addictive Inside 6ft
  • Compete in international competitions or Nearest The Pin challenges
  • Carry out a gap analysis of their clubs with Know Your Numbers
  • Hit balls on the Foresight software range (or on the digital replica of the NFGC range)

In addition to these features for the more serious golfer, the Total Range system also allows access to more entertaining games. Foresight Fairgrounds and Zombie Golf are perfect for younger golfers, those new to the game, or groups enjoying a social session.

Players can use the GCQuad launch monitor ball and club data from the session to analyse their performance. This can be done while in the bay or accessed at leisure from the player’s FSX Live account.

Total Range Norwich bays iron shot

Driving range facilities at Norwich Family Golf Centre

The premier range is now the perfect venue for customers to practice and, for the first time, track their progress. Jamie Goose, Director of the Bawburgh Group, explains:

“It certainly has something for everyone, beginners to professionals, families and children, it provides an experience for everyone to enjoy. The software even allows golfers to use their own FSX Live account. This means all the shots they record during a session on the range can be stored within their online account. This can be viewed at any time, so customers can truly see how their game is progressing.”

Players can book a Total Range bay for 30, 60 or 120 minutes – either individually or as part of a group. During their session, players can make full use of all the available courses, games and challenges for their chosen time period. Players can also add more time can be added to a session (provided the bay isn’t booked out).

The Total Range system will enhance the incredible facilities already in place at Norwich Family Golf Centre. Full details can be found at www.bawburgh.com/foresight-total-range.

Total Range Norwich bays side

PEAK golf technology education from Foresight Sports

Customers wishing to learn more about Foresight Sports golf ball and club data are welcome to use PEAK. PEAK is our online education platform, and Level One is freely available to everyone. The training will help customers understand how to read and interpret launch monitor data. By understanding your data, you can hone in on your target areas and improve your golf.

We’d strongly encourage regular Total Range customers to investigate PEAK to get their most out of their range time. Give you the edge by learning to understand what the technology is telling you and how to use that knowledge.

Learn more about how Foresight Sports’ PEAK education programme can improve your golf here.


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