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PuttView Launches Revolutionary New Golf Training Tool: PuttView X

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Foresight Sports Europe have expanded their long list of complementary technologies, to introduce PuttView X, the world’s first true Augmented Reality sports application.

Following the success of PuttView, which transforms your green into an interactive learning environment, PuttView X offers its users the ability to calculate any putt and enables true interaction with any setting using Microsoft’s Hololens Augmented Reality technology.

While wearing the headset all crucial putt information is displayed as an overlay onto the green and gives golfers the ability to visualise their intended putt, understand the contours of the green and experience real-time feedback, facilitating short-game improvement both indoors and outdoors.

Alongside the hardware, PuttView X comes with a smartphone app that enables screen casting, allowing you to see everything that the user is experiencing on the green, making it the perfect companion for golf coaches looking to improve and develop their putting lessons.

“PuttView X has the potential to transform the way golfers approach putting,” explained Justin Sandler, PGA Pro and Foresight Sports Europe Senior Sales Executive. “With the real-time feedback and insights that PuttView X provides, golfers will have the ability to make faster progress towards improving their putting skills.”

PuttView X is now available for both demonstration and pre-order at Foresight Sports Europe. Customers can take advantage of affordable monthly payments, as well as leasing options, bringing the technology to the wider golfing community.

For further information on the new Tech Bundle click HERE.

Be part of the future

PuttView X is available for both demonstration and to pre-order.

Pre-order now to save £500 and be one of the first to own this ground-breaking technology. 

Prices displayed above do not include VAT, shipping or duties. The first year of PuttView X subscription is included. The pre-order discount will be deducted from the total price at time of purchase. 

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